(Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)

If any (or all) of these apply to you,
you are in the right place!

  • Talking about your beloved pup is your favorite topic and you are proudly showing pictures of them to anyone who is unable to outrun you.

  • Your happy place is a green meadow with thousands of puppies playing in it.

  • You firmly believe that the only thing that is better than a dog is more dogs.

  • Your parents are only allowed to refer to your dog as their “grandpup”.

  • You keep finding yourself wondering whether the world is ready to see you and your pup wearing matching clothes.

What is Pawsome Goods

Pawsome Goods was founded by a young couple, Lena (a talented artist) and Norbert (a guy with overly vivid imagination). Even though, their professional careers have been tied to the video game industry, everything changed when they have adopted the most adorable Australian Shepherd pup (Ori) in the whole wide world.

They soon had to realize that growing up around dogs as a kid is so much different from actually owning a dog as an adult. This time the dog came not only with the cuddles and playing sessions but with all the responsibility as well.

While this realization was intimidating at first, it soon transitioned into something truly special and exciting. Being a real dog parent for the first time and experiencing all the different doggy shenanigans deeply inspired them and they kept catching themselves joking about funny dog t-shirt ideas. Until one day it wasn’t just a joke anymore, as it finally hit them that with Lena’s beautiful art and Norbert’s dog inspired witty slogans, they could create wonderful and funny designs that every dog parent could relate to. With that the idea of Pawsome Goods was born.

Meet The Founders


Born and raised in a small village in Hungary, Norbert got to experience growing up alongside so many different kinds of animals that would seriously impress even a Disney princess. His childhood was all about exploring the countryside, hanging out with animals and, like every self-respecting teenager would do, playing lots of video games.

After graduating high school, he moved to Budapest in pursuit of his college degree in English literature and creative writing. During his years of living in Budapest, he worked at a mobile game company as a game tester where he met Lena, a stunning and passionate young artist from Croatia, and it was love at first sight. Finally, they settled down in Croatia and, both of them being crazy about animals, adopted a puppy who changed their lives forever.


Lena was born in Croatia into an artistic family. The only thing that could grab her attention was drawing. She loved creating all kinds of art which eventually became a sort of meditation for her. Growing up, she always felt the happiest in nature and around animals, especially around dogs. She also became a “crazy plant lady” at some point and turned her apartment into the ideal filming location of a “George of the Jungle” sequel.

She regrets nothing!

The long years of meditative doodling eventually landed her a degree in graphic design and an artist job at a mobile game company (if you have read Norbert’s story first, you know where this is going 😉). On a fateful evening at her company’s Christmas party, she met a dashing Hungarian smooth talker. Fast forward 8 months and the two of them are happily living together in Zagreb, adopting the most adorable Australian Shepherd puppy that ever existed.

Raising an energetic, mischievous and unbearably adorable puppy was the kind of inspiration they both needed to finally fulfill their dreams of opening their own business. Observing and interacting with their adorable little fluffball made Norbert’s creative sparks flying and, thanks to Lena’s graphic designer and artistic voodoo magic, the funny and witty slogans soon materialized into beautifully drawn designs ready for printing.

Our Mission

Being dedicated doggie parents ourselves, we embarked on the mission of creating Pawsome Goods with one goal in mind:

Spread the love for dogs (and look Pawesome while doing so!) ♥

Inspire Us!

Every design we create tells a story which was inspired by the many dogs we had the pleasure to meet. Every dog has its own unique character and, because of it, every dog parent will become richer with stories to tell about them, ranging from funny and cute to downright heartwarming.

Now, the two of us can only meet so many dogs in person but we would love to hear all about your favorite dog stories! Send us a picture of yourself with your beloved pooch to (bonus points for showing off your favorite PawsomeGoods merch 😉) and tell us what did that adorable rascal do that one time which you can’t stop thinking about ever since! 😊

We will share our favorite ones on our Facebook and Instagram pages and, if your story inspires a new design, we will make sure to send you a free product with said design on it as a token of our appreciation! 😊

Still here?

If you have made it this far, please allow us to Thank You For Being Amazing! and taking the time to get to know us a bit better! We hope that you like what you see so far and that you will find something that strikes your fancy. 😊

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